Friday, 23 September 2016

Beauty Workshop For Blogger

Attended a Beauty Workshop today, thanks for the invite. 

KEPPO is a platform that rewards your activites, so sign up and start reward yourself with gifts. 

How it all Began
This page was created for SME corps to enhance sales via advertising. currently using latest-faster hybrid technology on social media that can factitive users to discover more product and services.
why name
K = Knowing, E = Every, P = People, P = Particular, O = Object & MY = Malaysia. It's Indonesian slang, which is comes from Hokkien language (usually used by some communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) and then become a loanword in Singlish (Singaporean-English)

"Kappo" which means "really curious" defines a condition when a person is want to know about everything.

Jimmy, the founder of

"" Core Business Overview, Aims and Objectives
“” core business as illustrated in the executive summary appended above would essentially focus on providing marketing (web, e-business & mobile) solutions to SME’s targeted around hotspots in Malaysia. Essentially the crust of the business entails a hybrid approach combining elements of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with that of enterprise advertising solutions.

The baseline target market of “” will initially be targeted SME’s around Malaysia providing them the above solutions with the sole intention of generating revenue for the client (retailer’s) and to allow them access to CRM infrastructure previously unavailable to them due to the cost implications and expertise required to run such initiatives.

Keppo eMarketing PLT (LLP0007098-LGN) 
No. 4, Jalan Industris Mas 5, Taman Mas, 47170, Puchong, Selangor.

Tel: 03 8061 9491 
Fax: 03 8061 9257 

Magic Mask demo by Kelvin Fai

The magic mask by Etermes

Step 1 : Foundation

Step 2 : Powder

Step 3 : Eyebrow

Step 4 : Eyeprimer & Eye Shadow

Step 5 : Eyeliner

Step 6 : Mascara

Step 7 : Blusher & Lip

The beauty workshop by Beluxury Make Up Studio

Bloggers that attended the events
 (photo credit :

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Wings Musicafe New Menu Food Review

I am very happy to have an opportunity to attend Wings Musicafe New Menu Food Review in SS2 Branch.

The ambience of Wings Musicafe in SS2, very comfortable and spacious, decorated with different types of guitars hanging on the walls. 

I am very happy, have opportunity to sit in front of the stage, I can watch the best performance very clear.

The first dish I have tried is Chef Creamy Pork Chop it is a signature and favourable dish in Wings Musicafe, the meat is so juicy and tender served with salad and mashed potatoes, taste delicious.

Back in the Christmas season of 2014, Clement - barely 25 years old and the youngest chef to grace Wings' kitchen yet - introduced his for-the-year magnus opus as it was his ideal intention to return a sense of youthful creativity and vibrant energy to the Wings' culinary experience! 

Young Chef  Clement then exhaustively researched and kept refining what would soon after be launched under his initiative a dedicated series of porky dishes. Made with pork chop that is tediously marinated with several special spices, and coupled with a house-proprietary aromatic garlic white sauce, this porky dish is at once a Yuletide sensation and an eternal season's special favourite!

Chef Creamy Pork Chop (since 2014)

The 2nd dish is Wings Bacon Salad, served with Wing's Italian Salad Sauce, much different from ordinary salad sauces, this tasty concoction sports a bright yellow hue, with a smooth texture and a sweet aroma, this is a salad sensation that we can't find it elsewhere.

The Chef who fatefully gave Wings' one of its earliest signature is a Malaysian chinese who were trained in France for many a year - accumulating rich western dining knowledge while yet being familiar with eastern tastes and culinary predilections. Wings Italian salad sauce is also one of its most popular creations. Once launched, the taste of it is such that, caused many customer to become highly curious on its origins and composition. 

Wings Bacon Salad

The 3rd dish I have tried is Mix Grilled, I like it because I can try different kinds of steak, but fearful of not being able to finish full portions of all. The mixed delight comes in 3 combos - Chicken/Pork, Chicken/Fish, Pork/Fish. Each Combo is complemented by delectable cheese ham sausage, house salad and classic fries. Served on exciting sizzling hot plates. 

Mix Grilled

The 4th dish is Bacon Risotto, I like this cheese and cream rice so delicious. Risotto belongs northern Italy where rice is typically steam-cooked with cheese and cream. This dish features rice stirred over heat with a rich sauce till the aroma becomes fully permeating. The resulting fragrant rice is enveloped with rich bacon rolls, creamy white sauce, and other spices that ensure this ordinary-looking dish to provide an extraordinary taste.

Bacon Risotto

Magic Fries in Wings , have many different flavours. Flavors start from the classical, to local Tangy Curry, to Mexican Chili spicy aromatic, to Taiwanese Pepper Salted, and on to 2 Wings' proud resident creations - The Signature Wings Italian and the Cheesy Primero flavors! With such an explosion of flavors, this magical fries experience is sure to satisfy the highly curios culinary adventurer. 
Magic Fries

Pearl Milk Tea my favourite drink, they use wheat-based,  red rea in Milk tea creations - providing that rich volume of texture coupled with a strong sense of refreshing wheat aroma.

This is provided in delectable selection of flavor variations as below :
1. Honeydew Milk Tea
2. Pearl Milk Tea
3. Yam Milk Tea
4. Chocolate Milk Tea
5. Red Bean Japan Matcha Milk Tea
6. Winter Melon Milk Tea

Pearl Milk Tea

Cream Brulee a dessert that smooth and yummy
Cream Brulee

The goodies bag that I received, I like the Wing's Italian Salad Sauce so much. Thanks KetchUp and Wings Musicafe

This event not only New Food Review, it is an 13th annivesary appreciation Nights,
The owner of Wings Musicafe Mr Jeff Lim awarded 13 singers:
(Photo credit : Wings Musicafe facebook page)

 Ever Lee

 Austin Ang

 Casey Tan

 Preston Wong

 Grace Swee

 Moses MouMou

 Snow Ng

 Ryu Tan

Sky Chong

Brian Lee

Cavier Goh

I like to visit Wing's musicafe, we can enjoy good food, enjoy life listen to good music after my tiring working day released all my stress.

This is my favourite song of the night "Liang Po Po" sing by Nic.

Lastly we have a group photo
Photo credit : Wings Musicafe facebook page