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Product Review : MAYTERLYNN

Today I have received this product for review : MAYTERLYNN. This product suitable for me to slim down in a healthy way.

1. 成分/ Ingredients 

20 Types of Quality Ingredients 
1. Purple Sweet Potato Powder
2. Brown Rice
3. Black Sesame
4. Oat Bran
5. Oat Flakes
6. Black Glutinous Rice
7. Black Bean
8. Red Bean
9. Green Bean
10. Soy Bean
11. Black Eyed Pea
12. Pearl Barley
13. Wheat
14. Buckwheat
15. Sorghum Rice
16. Soluble fiber
17. Inulin
18. Apple Fiber
19. Flaxseed Oil Powder
20. Stevia Extract

MayterLynn - Perfect Choice for Purple Sweet Potato and Grains

 2. Mayterlynn – 更年期 
Relieve Menopausal Symptoms
1. Emotional stability
2. Reduce depression and insomnia
3. Reduce flushing and sweating
4. Improve aching muscles and maintain bone health
5. Prevention of vaginal infections

MayterLynn can help to regulate hormones , 
effectively alleviate women premenstrual symptoms

3. Mayterlynn- 适合人群 
Family Nutrition Best Choice
Suitable for:
1. 1 year and above children
2. Nursing mother, pregnant lady and menopausal women
3. Vegetarian, people with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

4. MayterLynn Functions – 功效 2-01 
1. Provide necessary nutrients needed daily
2. Reduce the risk of stroke
3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
4. Reduce the risk of heart disease
5. Maintain a healthy weight
6. Reduce the risk of asthma
7. Maintain healthy arteries
8. Reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases
9. Reduce the risk of colon cancers
10. Promote healthy blood pressure levels
11. Reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss
12. Relieve constipation
13. Rich in fibers, keep sense of satiety
14. Balance blood sugar and prevent blood sugar soaring

5. MayterLynn – Rick in Omega-3
1. Protect cell membrane and retina of the eye
2. Prevent and relieve dry eyes
3. Protect the heart
4. Reduce cholesterol
5. Reduce blood vessel blockage and the risk of atherosclerosis
6. Slow Down proliferation of prostate cancer
7. Help brain for intellectual development
8. Activate brain and promote brain cells growth well
9. Inhibit inflammation
10. Slow down allergy symptoms

6. High Nutrition Value of Purple Sweet Potato
1. Selenium
 - Repair heart muscles
 - Strengthen the function of immune system

2. Amino Acids
 - Enhance physical fitness
 - Endocrine conditioning

3. Anthocyanin
 - Anti-oxidation, free radical scavenging
 - Skin anti-aging for improve skin texture

4. Cellulose
 - Promote gastrointestinal motility
 - Help digestion

5. Vitamins
 - Weight less
 - Anti-cancer

6. Iron Element
- Anti-fatigue
 - Anti-aging, blood enrichment

 Free radical seavenging capacity is 20 items the vitamin C and 50 times more than vitamin E.
 Beauty detox diet helps reduce fat accumulation.
 Proven anti-cancer properties, ranked as top anti-cancer vegetables.
 Helps cholesterol, balance blood sugar and improve immunity.

7. How to Enjoy MayterLynn?
1. Take TWO (25g) full tablespoons of MayterLynn
2. Pour 200 ml hot or warm water into the cup
3. Stir well and enjoy MayterLy-nn

The Importance of Nutritional Intake of Cereal 
Base on research shows, cereal food should intake for one-third of the daily diet, 50% of whichcome from whole grains. Fibers and nutrients in cereals can provide rich nutrients needed by the human body, also help away from obesity, diabetes, fatigue, malnutrition, nervous system disorders, cholesterol-related cardiovascular disease and intestinal disorders, etc.

MayterLynn 爱护您的灵魂之窗
MayterLynn – Ultimate Protection for The Eyes 
-Improve eye fatigue
- Improve eye dryness
- Improve vision loss
- Increase eye photosensitive substance
- Myopia, hyperopia, Astigmia
- Night blindness, Glaucoma
- Presbyopia, Cataract

MayterLynn has rich in Anthocyanins, Zinc, Omega-3, 
DHA can help improve eyes diseases.

Enjoy Healthy Body Slimming You Deserve It 

Whether it is breakfast, high tea, dinner or supper, we can drink few cups of Mayterlynn a day instead of coffee, snack or high-calorie beverage and food.

Select a reasonable diet added with MayterLynn can providem energy the body needs, increase satiety, reduce absorption of excess calories to achieve slimming effect

The Best Nutrition for Pregnancy and Postpartum 
1. Relieve pregnancy pain

2. Promote the secretion of digestive juice, able to enhance appetite and help the body to better absorbing the nutrients

3. Helps in intestinal peristalsis, reduce constipation

4. Improve the blood quality and increase the intake of calcium, relieve from anemia and dizziness

5. No sugar added (using Stevia Extract), able to prevent gestational diabetes

6. Able to smoothen the progress of confinement

7. Improve milk secretion, stimulate breastmilk production

 It is definitely the best health care companion during 
pregnancy and postpartum.

* All natural ingredients 
* No coloring
 * No preservatives 
* Sugar free 
* Safe for consume


About ‘The Upside Down’ – The Porch

Zouk Club KL is taking over the underworld stage once again this Halloween season. “The Upside Down – A Zouk KL Horror Anthem” presented by Zouk Club KL is inspired by the popular Netfilx hit series – Stranger Things.

With the series’ second season premiering this Fall, Zouk Club KL has decided to acquire various elements from the show and make it come to life for audiences. This gives fans and party-goers the rare opportunity of experiencing their favorite series in action.

On the night of October 28 th , Zouk Club KL will be transforming their rooms into different scenes from the series – Stranger Things, exposing monsters and grueling creatures from the parallel world through doors that can’t remain closed.

Demogorgon creatures are raiding Zouk’s Halloween parade, An upside down dimension has altered Zouk’s grounds, so be sure to hang around; You’re invited to a Halloween scare, join us this 28th October if you dare; The night is for sure to last, so come get your tickets fast.

Zouk Club KL – 2017 Halloween Costume Contest 
Come dressed in your coolest, scariest and freakiest 80's gear! Experience hunting down Demogorgons and stand a chance to win amazing prizes worth up to MYR3,500!

How it works: 
1. Get spotted by our judges who will be roaming around Zouk Club KL rooms between 11:00PM          till 1:00AM.
2. The top 10 selected scariest dressed individuals will receive a Grab voucher worth MYR30.
3. Top 10 should have your phones ready between 1:00AM – 1:15AM, as our judges will be calling you to announce the final top 3!
4. Once you have been notified, gather by the photo wall, located right outside entrance of Zouk Club KL Imperial to receive your prizes.
5. Bask in glory as your scary getup will be up on Zouk Club KL website and social media, and screens in Zouk Club KL rooms on the night of event!

• 1 X Winner:
 o Grab voucher worth MYR300
 o 2 x Moet & Chandon (worth MYR920++)
 o MYR500 cash prize

 • 1 X 1 st runner up:
 o Grab voucher worth MYR150
 o 1 x Moet & Chandon (worth MYR460++)
 o MYR300 cash prize

 • 1 X 2 nd runner up:
o Grab voucher worth MYR100
o 2 X Shooter Trays (worth MYR200++)
o MYR200 cash prize

 • 10 X Consolation:
o 10 X Grab voucher worth MYR30

Rooms & DJs – Behind Closed Doors

ZOUK MAIN ROOM – Byers’ House The heart of Zouk Club KL, the soundscape of the Superclub. Zouk Main Room defies musical boundaries with intense rhythms pounding from the state-of-the-art Funktion-One sound system that reverberates through the room, breathing life onto the dance floor.

Music: EDM/ Open Format DJ: Blink + Ken Master 

Blink – one of Asia’s most successful DJs, who brought Malaysia’s EDM music scene onto the global stage. Blink is among a new generation of Southeast Asian DJ-producers, who have established a unique and industrious sound to EDM.

Ken Master honed his DJ-ing skills in college in Oklahoma and has refined his sound adding a touch of Asian music. His style combines Hip-Hop, alongside Rock and Pop elements, laced with the driving beats of EDM.

VELVET UNDERGROUND – Mad Lab Alluring and seductive – Velvet Underground. It is here the beautiful, fashion-conscious crowd call home.

Music: Commercial House/ Open Format DJ: Radzi & KenFung 

Radzi brings the transcendent and dynamic syncopated rhythms of Funk, the latest sounds of electronic music, and modern Hip-Hop in the form of direct sampling from funk riffs on the plate. Radzi’s childhood training as a drummer provided him a strong music foundation.

A pure believer of the unity of music, fashion and lifestyle, Ken Fung’s love of music made him pick up the art of DJ-ing. He provides an entertaining and energetic touch of his brand of music, starting off by playing Future house and EDM in his set.

PHUTURE – Sinister Street 
Residence for the fun-loving, trendy and cosmopolitan crowd who transforms the dance floor into a rhythm nation. With a futuristic vision in mind, Phuture’s avant-garde look attracts music lovers who appreciate the ultra-modern day scene.

Music: Open Format DJ: Clifford Sun & Rad Kid

Born in the Era of 80's mainstream R&B Hip-hop influenced based Clifford Sun (Previously known as DJ Cliff) delivers both of the freshest tunes and throwback hits. Growing up with vast music background on the piano and guitar. Inspired by the famous American club disc jockey the late DJ AM certainly a big influence Inspired by DJs Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike DJ, Rad Kid started DJ-ing in 2012. As a result, Rad Kid has a lot of Dutch influence in his style leading to pumping sets and a high fun-factor, but, to make the style his own he deftly fuses Hip Hop, RNB, Trap, Chill House and even K Pop into his sets.

Kuala Lumpur's most exclusive club with a decadent playground conceptualized for the city’s growing elite to see and be seen. From the poshest concepts to the finest drinks, this space awaits those who ascend from the private elevator to this opulent sanctuary.

Music: Urban Music 101 DJ: Luqe & Classick
Luqe’s playlists are a pilgrimage of fine DJ-ing, tripping between genres and employing the delightful ear-snagging soulful Dance-Pop-Hip Hop hooks as its predecessor to thrill the diverse dance floor. His tasteful sets weave the latest club bangers of mash-ups and EDM, alongside soulful classics.

Malaysian born Classick is one of KL’s finest open format DJ showman. He plays the kind of Hip-Hop, Trap, Twerk, Dubstep, and Open Formats that has become a staple of the Malaysia’s Club Sounds. We have witnessed his mesmerizing, long-winded beat matching icy cold progressive beats whip massive festival crowds into a frenzy, and his precise-yet- groovy performances have been seen nationwide.

Ticketing & Pricing 
Ticketing counter opens from 10:00am – 7:00pm (Zouk Club KL Office).
Bottle packages available. Call +60 3 2110 3888 for inquires.

AFTER  12AM = RM75

1 (ONE) FREE ADMISSION at club entry shall be granted for ZOUK CLUB KL Members AND guests who are dressed up in costumes before 1:00Am

About Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur
Established in 2004, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur was born out of the pioneering spirit by brainchild Lincoln Cheng alongside his musically talented partner and co-founder Cher Ng. As the team envisions Zouk Club KL to set an elite standard in the global clubbing culture, Ng states that “[Zouk Club KL is] a sublime clubbing experience defined and designed by clubbers-for-clubbers.”

The rise of a global brand in the heart of Asia.

Zouk Club KL is an iconic music-driven entertainment institution that provides a world-class clubbing experience by pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music. It sets the pulse of Asia’s electronic dance beat and is Malaysia’s Premier Entertainment Superclub. With a strong emphasis on creativity coupled with a culture of innovation, Zouk Club KL has grown from strength-to-strength in the past 13 years.

With its leading-edge facilities, Zouk Club KL draws more than 500,000 visitors annually; placing Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the world map for entertainment, as it builds a growing base of music fans worldwide. Zouk Club KL is the avant-garde game changer in the global clubbing and music scene

Zouk Club KL is located at its brand new home at TREC KL – Malaysia's first and only purpose-built, urban F&B, lifestyle and commercial destination. Kuala Lumpur’s most iconic Superclub is lavishly outfitted with state of art lighting and top-notch sound equipment, the quintessential nightspot is set against a kaleidoscope of soundscapes from EDM, Electro, Open Format, Trance, Trap, Pop, Hip Hop all the way to R&B.

Zouk Club KL now stands as one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, recently collecting ‘The Brand Laureate Best Choice Brand Awards for Brand Excellence in Lifestyle Entertainment Club’. Zouk Club KL is proudly ranked at #21 of the best clubs worldwide in ‘DJ Mag’s yearly top 100 Clubs’, and has also received the ‘Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) Night Spot of the Year 2016-2018’, as well as a host of other awards and accolades.

The heart of Zouk Club KL lies in three things: The music, the people, and the staff, all of whom believe in the vision and mantra that is ONE WORLD, ONE MUSIC, ONE TRIBE, ONE DANCE

436, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur 

Office Hours 
Monday to Friday 10:00am – 7:00pm 

Operation Hours
Sunday to Tuesday 10:00pm – 3:00am 
Wednesday 10:00pm – 4:00am
Thursday to Saturday 10:00pm – 5:00am

Contact Info 
Phone 03 2110 3888
Fax 03 2110 3999 

Websites & Social Media 

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017

Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017
Dare To Dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life

(12 Oct 2017) Petaling Jaya – “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” Grand final gala dinner held at Sunway Resort Hotel Grand ballroom .

The grand ceremony of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” aimed to be on par with world-class’s Paris Fashion or beauty industry ceremony.

WPI very glad to announce that Gauraro Joaillerie is 2017 Miss World Prestige International Pageant main honorary sponsor.

WPI show greatly gratitude that honorary main sponsorship of Gauraro Joaillerie to support the ceremony. “Gauraro Joaillerie ,a brand from France Paris ,created on 1830.

Their Name has been synonymous with luxury and influence .They are partnered with one of the most respected names in luxury accessories,give the privileged access to some of the most sought after luxury goods in the world, provided by the same supplier to the royal house of Europe .”  Added by Gauraro Joaillerie’s Director, Ms Wong Lee Yuen.

Beside that, WPI highlighted to media representative final ceremony are gratefully supported by Diamond sponsor, Platinum sponsor, gold sponsor& silver sponsor.

As last year “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017” with a theme of “The Beauty of Great Love” to make this world a better place. We believe the beauty begins inside”, all the finalists must possess three qualities of beauty such as outward appearance, inner beauty, and social contributions are qualified to entitle the honorable title of Miss World Prestige International.

Prestige Honorary Advisor, Mr Tan Kee Hock Said “This year we are proudly brought to you the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life” of “Miss World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, it allowed us to mobilize and encourage public dare to chase their dream and showcase the talent.

We are strong believe each female or women is a diamond, but always an option to be a stone or diamond. we ensure that through a series of training & practicing, selected beauty who must be the best. It’s the matter how they reveal to the journey of success. WPI Strongly urge outstanding female out there choose World Prestige International Pageant as the platform to enhance their wisdom & ability.”

To adapt the theme of “Dare To dream Create A Wonderful Journey Of Life ”, Our World Prestige International Advisors Mr Tan Kee Hock added, “World Prestige International is an idea organization who had complete pageant sources and well managed to compile each beauty pageant to be success pathway on leading industry with great potential . The platform can efficiently train local female with talent brought out their professional globally.”

China Entrepreneurs Association In Malaysia(PUCM), Dato Lee Zong Ping said: “Besides the “Miss & Mrs World Prestige International Pageant 2017”, Another Awards titles “World Prestige International Ambassadors” which managed by World Prestige International has been highlighted. It’s a valuable award for those successful entrepreneur or extra ordinary people with competent career and being create industry legend. They must be gain public concerns about the minority in our society and the importance of public welfare. ”

 “World Prestige International Ambassadors”, the brilliant mission is to look for suitable candidate in honor. Provide them the favorable portal to elevate and achieve their lofty goals, to educate them obtain better and higher values, to continue build their career even more successful. World Prestige International always wish public improve their social cognition about our platform. We promise to build a fair and well - defined concept. All candidate must have the above conditions either register themselves and nominated by well-known people in community.

Over the past year this brand pioneered with hardships, the experience gives us unlimited power and hope. As dare to dream we have the courage to open up overseas markets within the shortest time.

This year Top 8 finalist is :

Contestant no.1: Victoria Jean , 

1st Prize winner
Contestant no.2:Gharam, 

Contestant no.3:Eline Tee 

Contestant no.4: Eawen Chia, 
Miss Photogenic

2nd Runner up
Contestant no.5:Valerie Lau, 

Grand winner 
Contestant no.6: Kimberley Claire

Contestant no.7: Jocelyn Teong, 
Miss Popularity

Contestant no.8: Mobina.
Miss Talent

Whoever interested to know more about Miss World Prestige International Pageant , may follow their FB Pages :

Saturday, 7 October 2017

ETWS 6.0 - Day 4 In Bangi Wonderland Theme Park And Resort

ETWS 6.0 - Day 4 In Bangi Wonderland Theme Park And Resort
7 October 2017

Bring family to swashbuckling ride at new Bangi Wonderland Theme Park & Resort a "FOTRESS OF WET AND FUN" which located at 12-acre land at the heart of the Bangi Avenue as a hub of development in the Bangi/ Nilai / Semenyih triangle in the Southern Klang Valley.

This brand-new water theme park features a total of 16 thrilling state of the art water rides, including the first in Malaysia Water Cannon which will provide the never-ending fun for the entire family.

Insane Racer
Speed water slide is the essential attraction for a water park. This side-by-side multi-lane racing water slide is the original match track, it takes riders have fun through a series of thrilling bumps, and who accelerates can rush to the finish line! Every water park should have this kind of racing water slide.

Anaconda trail
Grab your tube to ride at Anaconda Trail. This ride just straight to get down but have challenge wavy trail like snake's body. It is a fun game for those of you with friends and family.

Kids Adventure
Kids Adventure is a water play area especially built for the little ones. With lots of interactive water play options and a huge water bucket, there so much fun for the special little ones in your life.
Slides, platform and water jets set in pirates adventure is the best play area for toddlers. Live up your pirates adventure at Kids Adventure! Try to be a Captain Catz to defend your ship and explore the fortress!
Pirates Bay
The ultimate artificial wave pool, where sea-like waves are forme. Dunk your friends in, or ride those waves together. Its the perfect place for families to kick back on the beach or float in tubes under the watchful eye of lifeguards.

Magic Funnel
Magic Funnel is an extremely thrilling, four person tube ride where riders accelerate down a steep tunnel with high speed entering the base of the funnel.
Their momentum will allow riders to travel high up the opposite wall of the funnel, experiencing momentary weightlessness, before oscillating back and forth in the narrowing funnel towards the landing pool.

The riders ride on the appropriate raft, slide into the flume from a very high platform, through a spiral drainage, dive like the spacecraft to the bottom with great inertia, rush to the opposite slope, to reach the highest point at once, let the riders experience the feeling of sky walk; even when the riders is not rest yet, they will free fell quickly by their own weight, entering into the recycle flume, and pass the semicircular flume, drop into the splash pond. It is especially suitable for adventurous challengers.

Typhoon River
Are you ready to float on Typhoon River? Grab a double tube and get ready for your worries to float away during wave coming to you. It can integrate with wave to make it more funny. In the Typhoon River, you can experience the challenges of a turbulent river.

Pirates Spa
Give yourself a good pampering in our therapy pool! Pirates Spa is a pool to reduce your tiredness after playing a challenging game all day.

Thrilling but fun. Definitely Water Cannon becomes a major attraction Besides that, Wonder Loop will make you swivel 360 degrees like a roller coaster. Many other games that will make you feel fun and want to come again to the Bangi Wonderland.

The admission price offered starting from RM 48 for children (90 - 130cm) and RM 58 for adult for Malaysia citizen. For non-citizen visitors, starting from RM 60 for children (90 - 130cm) and RM 70 for adult. Special discount of 50% off is given to senior citizens and disabled person (OKU). Park operating hours start from 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, Sundays, Malaysia school holidays and public holidays. While on weekdays (Monday to Friday), park operating hours start from 11am - 6pm. Bangi Wonderland Theme Park Resort are closed on every Tuesday (except during school holidays and public holidays).

This month special promotion is 'October and November Birthday Giler!'. This promotion offers free admission for birthday boy/girl age 3 years and above which born in October or November. Every free admission can be redeemed with each visit minimum purchase of one to five tickets at discounted price. This offer is only valid starting from 1 October 2017 until 30 November 2017.

For more detail information, please visit

Additionally, Bangi Wonderland Theme Park and Resort also provide other attractive packages for family day, private function, etc. For more information please call 03-8912 8333 or email inquiry to

With thrilling rides and so much more for the whole family and friends, Bangi Wonderland is the best one stop weekend escape featuring a total of 16 rides for those seeking for adventure.

Bangi Wonderland Theme Park and Resort
No. 2, Persiaran Bangi Avenue, Bangi Avenue,
43000 Kajang, Selangor
Tel : 03- 8912 8333