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Product Review : Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter

Today I have received Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter installed in my house for free trial. Try for 60 days before committed to other brand.  Diamond offer 60 days free trial Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.

It is very important to drink at least 8 glass of water daily, but the water that we drink is it clean? I have tried Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, it is different with others water. The taste of the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water is very refreshing, clean and clear.

DIAMOND CORAL produces “Natural CORAL Alkaline Water” through au naturale “CORAL Calcium”. With “Natural CORAL Calcium” containing high concentration levels of natural calcium, DIAMOND CORAL produces natural alkaline water while releasing over 70 types of healthful sea minerals to ensure the health of your family.

60-Days Free Trial Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

 Diamond Coral

6 Layers of Filtration

* Filter A. The world’s best impregnated ceramic filter, this component has been awarded NSF certification for material requirements. The filter has also been independently tested to remove particulates, such as silt and rust as well as bacteria.
* Filter B. The activated carbon removes organic contaminants unpleasant odors and colors, while natural mineral stones regulate mineral content.
* Filter C. Activated carbon and a KDF metal ion converter (meeting standards stipulated by the FDA and EPA of the United States) thoroughly remove heavy metals, chlorine, and other chemical contaminants.
* Filter D. Ceramic balls with natural magnetism decompose the water molecules to the smallest with natural mineral magnetism.
* Filter E. Stabilize the condition of water molecules with natural minerals.
* Filter F. Calcium ions help balance the water to a mild alkaline level.

-Soaking vegetables and fruits in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water can remove 99.6% of toxic agricultural chemicals.

-Make coffee and tea with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water for richer aroma and better taste.

-Ginseng tastes richer after soaking in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water for a few minutes.

Cooking steamboat using Diamond Coral Alkaline Water,  the soup is more tastier; it is also saving time and energy-saving.
-Soak dried fungi like mushroom, silver fungus, and dry scallop into Diamond Water to quicken the softening process.
Cooking healthy with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter

-Diamond Coral Alkaline Water effectively penetrates into frozen food hence quickening the process of defrosting.

-Wash fishes and mollusks (shellfish) with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water to eliminate fishy smell.
-Tofu deteriorates less easily and tastes more richly of soya bean if you soak tofu in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.

There is a 7-Days Diamond Coral WaterBar Free Trial too for more information how to get the free trial click here :

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-Soak cut fruit such as apples and pears in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water to prevent fruit from oxidizing and turning a brownish hue.

The vegetables after soaked with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water taste more crunchy and fresh.

-Remove the fishy smell from seafood on your hands with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water
-Soak corn in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water for 8 hours (change the water about 3 hours) for a sweeter taste.
-Rice is tastier, softer and less starchy.
-Soak pungent vegetables like onions in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water to remove foul odors and to prevent eyes from tearing.

-Washing your face frequently with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water can prevent silt, rust etc in the water from seeping into your pores. Complexion becomes healthier.
-Use Diamond Coral Alkaline Water as face mask for better moisturizing of the skin, making your skin more radiant.
-Wash your hair with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water to keep it moisture, silky and smooth.
-Diamond Coral Alkaline Water can help reduce eye-itchiness.

-By feeding pets with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, detoxification is facilitated and foul body odor is eliminated.
-Showering pets with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water makes their fur more radiant;
-Diamond Coral Alkaline Water is free from chlorine, impurities and has higher oxygen content. Fish lives healthier when reared in the water.                  

Babies cultivate better drinking habits as Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has a tinge of sweetness to it, and feel less bloated in the stomach after drinking it.

-Diamond Coral Alkaline Water dissolves formula milk powder easily when used to make milk for your baby.
-If your baby gets eczema or heat rashes, you can apply Diamond Coral Alkaline Water on the baby’s skin to alleviate pain and itchiness.
-Wash the baby’s face with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water when baby has milk rashes to reduce itchiness.
-Diamond Coral Alkaline Water can help reduce swell if baby is bitten by mosquitoes or insects.
-Cleaning milk bottles and other baby products with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water is more thorough, giving you peace of mind.

-Plants will grow better, look fresher and last longer. Flowers will blossom more vibrantly with more vivid colours
- Usually tap water only keeps cut flowers alive for 4-5 days, but Diamond Coral Alkaline Water will help keep them healthy for a longer period of time. This is most effective for flowers that wither easily. The flowers remain healthy even after 7-10 days.

- Dirt is more easily removed with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water, and items look sparkling clean.

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