Friday, 10 January 2020

Product Review : Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier

Mamaway Baby Carrier is suitable to be use from newborn to toddler. Mamaway Baby Carrier is 2018 Best baby sling carrier in Malaysia. 
Received mamaway Baby Sling for review.

The slings come in an array of attractive prints and are breathable and strong, the rings are made from material used in parachutes which are safer.

Baby feel comfortable sleeping in the sling

Mamaway sling carriers substantial benefit for baby natural hip and leg development. A parenting tool for hands-free snuggles, settling baby in and breastfeeding easily and discreetly.

Benefits of using a baby sling
Baby crys less.
Baby gets smarter.
Baby learns more.
Baby more organized.
Baby gets humanized earlier.

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is an adjustable, comfortable one-size-for-all baby sling carrier that can be used from infancy right up to the toddler ages. The slings come in an array of attractive prints and are breathable, lightweight and strong, the rings are made from material used in parachutes which are safer as they will not twist, stretch out of shape or conduct heat. 

Mamaway sling carriers are designed based on the Spread Squat position (M&J) theory as the proper hip position is maintained while using the sling, with substantial benefits for baby’s natural hip and leg development. The placement of the sling’s logo on the shoulder is important for position identification, for when worn on the right spot, it will ensure comfortable and effortless carrying. A parenting tool for hands-free snuggles, settling baby in and breastfeeding easily and discreetly.

Mamaway sling carriers are very suitable for me as a working mum, sometimes I bring baby along to work. My baby can sleep comfortably in the sling and I can carry her along when I busy working.
My baby very happy when she sit in the mamaway sling

Easy to Use
Quick setup and can be adjusted in seconds.

Safety Materials
Made by high-quality premium cotton and safe & durable Nylon Rings (N66). Both break test indicates a load bearing of 70kgs and above.

One Size Fits the Whole Family
Suitable for parents with any body shape to carry kids from newborn to toddler.

Safety Design Feature
Baby's weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end, make you easy on your back!

Practical Design
Extra long sling fabric can be used as nursing cover; Patented pocket design so you can take it anywhere.
Designed in Australia, made in Taiwan.

One size fits all parents with any body shape and suitable to carry kids of all sizes as it's designed to fit both newborn and toddler.
Approx. 30 x 15 X 5 CM (± 2CM)
Weight: 380g ± 50g 

Fabric: 100% Combed Cotton Fabric
Ring: 100% Nylon 6.6

Safety Test:  
Ring Strength Test: Break test indicates a load bearing of 500 + kgs.  
The combed cotton fabric and Nylon N66 rings have been weight tested at 75kg for 72 hours with no issues.

Care Instructions
Cold wash in the laundry bag. Hang to dry in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

For more information or to purchase kindly visit their website: 

Friday, 22 November 2019

Day 10 Product Review : Jeanc Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin

Today I have tried Jeanc Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin for 10 days. This Jeanc Collagen Drink very convenience for me to bring along anywhere. 

I bring along a few sachets in my bag, when I am busy attending meeting and seminar, I still consume Jeanc Collagen Drink. 

Direction to use, just mix 1 sachet with 150 ml of water, stir well and drink. 

In just 10 days, my dark eye circle getting lighter and brighter skin.

Jeanc Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin can Get Moist Firmer Skin For Only RM3 A Day! 

Compared to foods, supplements is a cheaper and more convenient way of getting the nutrients needed.

JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin is an affordable way to look & stay young.

Each serving contains:
3000mg Marine Collagen Peptides
100mg Vitamin C
10mg AstaReal Astaxanthin

In 4 weeks, get ready for:
Moist Skin
Firmer Skin
Thicker Hair
Stronger Nails

JeanC 30 Days Hydrolyzed Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin is a Malaysian product that is Halal with GMP & Mesti. Our product is also gluten free and GMO free.

Full Ingredients:
Grape Juice Premix Powder, Collagen Peptides (Fish), Isomaltulose, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Amla Extract, Acai Extract, Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder, Sucralose, Lingonberry Extract and Astaxanthin

For more information or wish to order,

No 2-2, Dataran Sunway,
 Jalan PJU 5/15, Kota Damansara,
 Petaling Jaya 47810 Selangor, Malaysia 

Facebook page : 

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Friday, 15 November 2019

Food Review : Ryoshi Izakaya Signature

Today I am very happy being invited to have food review in Ryoshi Izakaya Signature located at Ground Floor Atria Mall. 

This is my first time bring my baby girl to attend food review, she very excited when she saw many pretty bloggers there. 

They have a very clean and comfortable ambience, I like to dine in a cozy restaurant like Ryoshi Izakaya Signature

In Ryoshi Izakaya Signature, they have a few different dining table for customer to choose from, we have choosen a private room dining here. 

Gyutan Misoni - Braised Ox tongue with Miso (RM 13.00)

Garlic Chahan - Garlic Fried Rice (RM 13.00)

Niku Tofu
Braised Tofu with Pork Belly in Donburi Sauce (RM 22.00)

Hako Kani Salad
Hako Crab Salad (RM 25.00)

Ryoshi Sashimi Mori
6 kinds 3 pcs Maguro, Salmon, Tako, Hotate, Amaebi, Kampachi (RM 130.00)

Kimchi Buta Nabe (1-2pax)
Veg Pork with Kimchi Soup Hot-Pot (RM 28.00)

Hakusai Buta Nabe (1-2pax)
Cabbage & Pork Hot-Pot (1-2pax) with Choice
 Of Spicy Kimchi Miso or Udon Soup Base (RM 28.00)

Shirao Tempura
White Bait Tempura (RM 18.00)

Ebi Fry Maki
Deep Fried Prawn Roll with Tartar Sauce (RM 26.00)

Kushiyaki Mori
Assorted Skewers 5 kinds (RM 25.00)

Ryoshi Buta Maki
Pork Sushi Roll (RM 26.00)

Ryoshi Buta Don
Barbecue Pork Meat (RM 28.00)

ONLY RM29++ per pax‼️

Monday-Friday (3pm-6pm) only.

Call and book now! Limited seats..

For More Information visit :

Or call For RSVP 
Enquiries:๐Ÿ“ž +6010 2020 200 ๐Ÿ“ž

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Product Review : Jeanc Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin

Today I have received 3 boxes of Jeanc Collagen Drink + Astaxanthin and accepted a 30 days challenge to get a flawless skin.  

JeanC is formulated to provide 3000mg collagen peptides and high in antioxidant in each serving. For a 30-day supply, it's the best value in the market you can get. This rich content will nourish your core and give a healthy boost to your collagen production so you can see your skin health improve dramatically.

Marine Collagen has been shown to have superior "bioavailability", as compared with other animal source. Many clinical studies have shown that Marine Collagen has superior bioavailability as compared to other animal sources (e.g. porcine, bovine). Bioavailability is the rate at which food is absorbed into the bloodstream through our intestinal wall. This means fish collagen enters the bloodstream more quickly than other types of collagen. That makes it the best collagen to replenish your body’s collagen stores.

 1. AstaReal® Astaxanthin
“King of carotenoids” - Improve skin moisture,retention & protect against UV damage

 2. Vitamin C 
Decrease risk of dry skin & boost natural collagen production

 3. Vitamin E 
Keep skin hydrated & reduce UV damage

This product is very suitable for me because I have dark eye circle, wrinkles, acne, dry skin, pigmentation, large pores, dark spots and thinning hair. 

Best Antioxidants For Your Skin
4 Superfood Ingredients

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environmental and other pressures.

India Superfood - 20x Vit C compared to orange , reduce effect of premature aging & hydrate skin

Scandanavian Superfood -Highest antioxidants of all the fruits, contains arbutin & inhibit melanin production

Acai Berries
Amazon Superfood - Rich in polyphenol & anthocyanins, control pigmentation & acne

Africa Superfood - twice antioxidant of pomegranate, rich in polyphenol, skin moisturising & boost collagen production

For more information or wish to order,
just click here:

No 2-2, Dataran Sunway,
 Jalan PJU 5/15, Kota Damansara,
 Petaling Jaya 47810 Selangor, Malaysia 

Facebook page :

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Malaysian Babywearers Event 2019

Today I attend a baby event organised by Malaysian Babywearers official, there are a range of exciting talks, entertaiment, lucky draw, nursing clothing, baby carriers and healthy food to explore! Certainly a great day to celebrate and understand more about the benefits of babywearing!

Date: 2 November 2019
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Ground Floor, The School

Mom are having fun dancing, with their babies. 

Certified Lactation Counsellor Noorfazila Abdul Rahman is giving a talk on 'Breastfeeding - Mental Preparation for Mommy and Daddy' during Malaysian Babywearers - International Babywearing Week 2019! The talk will start at 2.15pm - 3.00pm, and so much more to watch and learn throughout the event!

There is more than 50 booths participate in this Malaysian Baby Wearers Event MBWIBW 2019

1 Snuggbaby
2 Team Mak Minyak
3 Tugeda Carrier
4 Little Sparkles
5 WAHM bakes & sew
6 Daiesu
7 Sweet Breaks
8 JumpSac
9 & 10 Spice & Bake/M2Mv EduKidz/Zai Huda
11 Lembah Barakah Organic Orchard
12 Soul Slings
13 Super Mama
14 EnK Wonderland
15 Afrina Shoppe
16 Tweeks
17 UnisonCA

18 Mama Fox United
19 Sunshine Bliss
20 The Syeris Toys
21 Cuddleme - Parenting Cafe
22 Narinar

23 Qicera Sera & Mama Pouch
24 Hijo
25 Geng Bakers MMC (Eqiensweetlittlekitchen, Project Kitchen,Anis Salmon)
26 Omnomnom Mochi
27 Geng Bakers MMC (Atun Bakery, Ibu Kitchen & LA kitchen)
28 GKM - Geng Kaki Makan
30 Tusuk jari/Villa Suriya
31 SweetnCozy
32 The Umms Project & Adlie Cocoa
33 Kedai Mak Mak Garang
34 Tok Neks Kitchen & Iman Imtinan
 35 Mak Dara 2 Sekawan
36 Maujoos & Hani Healthy Shop
37 Kreatif4u
38 Ladang Lima
39 The AsianParenting Malaysia
40 Cozy Lady

48 Khaleel Healthy Sausage
49 Oven Nini
50 OmmaSรณn
51 The Sugar Cravers & Dapur Ezzah

29 Happy Breastfeeding Malaysia
42/43 Homeschooling Kids Section (Activities/Demo)
44/45 MBW Registration
46/47 Car Safety Passengers Malaysia (CPSM)

Thank you to the sponsors for the lovely goodies bag, my baby likes the sunglasses and enjoy the cookies.