Saturday, 2 November 2019

Malaysian Babywearers Event 2019

Today I attend a baby event organised by Malaysian Babywearers official, there are a range of exciting talks, entertaiment, lucky draw, nursing clothing, baby carriers and healthy food to explore! Certainly a great day to celebrate and understand more about the benefits of babywearing!

Date: 2 November 2019
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Ground Floor, The School

Mom are having fun dancing, with their babies. 

Certified Lactation Counsellor Noorfazila Abdul Rahman is giving a talk on 'Breastfeeding - Mental Preparation for Mommy and Daddy' during Malaysian Babywearers - International Babywearing Week 2019! The talk will start at 2.15pm - 3.00pm, and so much more to watch and learn throughout the event!

There is more than 50 booths participate in this Malaysian Baby Wearers Event MBWIBW 2019

1 Snuggbaby
2 Team Mak Minyak
3 Tugeda Carrier
4 Little Sparkles
5 WAHM bakes & sew
6 Daiesu
7 Sweet Breaks
8 JumpSac
9 & 10 Spice & Bake/M2Mv EduKidz/Zai Huda
11 Lembah Barakah Organic Orchard
12 Soul Slings
13 Super Mama
14 EnK Wonderland
15 Afrina Shoppe
16 Tweeks
17 UnisonCA

18 Mama Fox United
19 Sunshine Bliss
20 The Syeris Toys
21 Cuddleme - Parenting Cafe
22 Narinar

23 Qicera Sera & Mama Pouch
24 Hijo
25 Geng Bakers MMC (Eqiensweetlittlekitchen, Project Kitchen,Anis Salmon)
26 Omnomnom Mochi
27 Geng Bakers MMC (Atun Bakery, Ibu Kitchen & LA kitchen)
28 GKM - Geng Kaki Makan
30 Tusuk jari/Villa Suriya
31 SweetnCozy
32 The Umms Project & Adlie Cocoa
33 Kedai Mak Mak Garang
34 Tok Neks Kitchen & Iman Imtinan
 35 Mak Dara 2 Sekawan
36 Maujoos & Hani Healthy Shop
37 Kreatif4u
38 Ladang Lima
39 The AsianParenting Malaysia
40 Cozy Lady

48 Khaleel Healthy Sausage
49 Oven Nini
50 OmmaSón
51 The Sugar Cravers & Dapur Ezzah

29 Happy Breastfeeding Malaysia
42/43 Homeschooling Kids Section (Activities/Demo)
44/45 MBW Registration
46/47 Car Safety Passengers Malaysia (CPSM)

Thank you to the sponsors for the lovely goodies bag, my baby likes the sunglasses and enjoy the cookies.


  1. It was such a marvelous and informative event and especially helpful for new mommies and daddies like me. I was in the talk of ‘Breastfeeding – Mental Preparation for Mommy and Daddy’ too but sadly I had to leave earlier due to my golf lessons. I even missed the chance of redeeming rewards using the accumulated points for stuffs such as mug, dining set, skincare or even shopping discounts for Grab ride, Shop Back and Boost.

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