Saturday, 23 April 2016

Min Chen her first EP release "Happy Adventure"

Local artists Min Chen, with his first EP "Happy Adventure" publicity. 
Berjaya Times Square
Date : 23 April 2016
Time : 8pm

                 My son say Minchen very cute and pretty

The company designed for her autograph on a number of "mission". Her waistline from 22 inches into 23-inch, her eyes wide open and frank shouted: "Oh My God is good fat Oh!!" Expression is truly lovely.

Her record company,500 grams of strawberries cake need her to finish on the spot, or else have to accept big punishment. 

The audience fans, shouting they offering to eat on her behalf.

Cake challenge failed Ming Chen voluntarily accept the punishment, the selection of male abdominal muscles on stage to play "safe Kiss." Select kiss on the forehead, she can not help but smile: "! Take a sweat" male fans are shy and said: "! Almost fainted."

Lastly Group Photo,  

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