Monday, 13 June 2016

Halal Food Review : D'Arab Station

Thanks Fadzi for the invitation to join Arabian Food Review. D'Arab Station located in Alam Damai, Cheras. This is very near to my working place, just need 10 minutes for me to reach here.

I reach there around 6.40pm, still have time for me to walk around and take some photo of the restaurant. D'Arab Station operation hour from 10.00am to 11.00pm. The ambience of the restaurant is very clean and comfortable.

 D'Arab Station is very special, they are using fast food concept. They have COMBO sets and ALA CARTE selection as well. The price of the food is reasonable and affordable.

Kambing golek is roasting in front of the shop. It is good to be roasting in front, so that a lot of customers will come and get it, when they smell the delicious lamb.

There is a roti john station beside the kambing golek, this looks very delicious. The roti john here is different from the pasar malam ones, this Royal Roti John surrounded by the eggs taste very delicious.

While waiting for buka puasa we listen a short introduction about this shop by Dato Haji Taufek Ismail the owner of D'Arab Station. This restaurant is quite new and opened February 2016. D'Arab Station being visited by VVIP members such as ministers

Dato Haji Taufek is very friendly person, and he provide a very good service to customers.

This picture show that it is fast food restaurant we need to self service, but Dato Haji Taufek come to serve us. Dato bring us this yummy Roti John first, before the buka puasa, oh my this looks so delicious.

My son staring at the Roti john he say he want to eat, he saw it grilling outside just now. But I told him cannot eat before buka puasa, we better follow muslim friends to buka puasa together. 

Finally it is buka puasa time, first we take some kurma and soup first.

Then we enjoy the Nasi Arab comes with Chicken, Lamb, Salad & Chili. The nasi arab here is very delicious, the rice is not sticky and the lamb not smelly at all.

Here is the kambing golek meat, the meat is very smooth and tender.

Not only Muslim like Arab food, malaysian chinese also like nasi arab. Normally I have my nasi arab in Taman Connaught nearby my working place there is a lot of Shawarma restaurant nearby, the taste is not so good as D'Arab Station. Now I found a new place for my lunch, I willing to drive 10minutes to have my lunch here. #D'Arab Station #TheBestNasiArabInTown

Again Dato Haji Taufek bring some Arab tea for us, the taste really nice.

Buffet Ramadan D'Arab Station
RM 50.00 Adult
Rm 25.00 Child (6-12yr old) Senior Citizen (60yr and above)

Visit the facebook page here

For booking/ home delivery call :
03-9108 3331 / 013-848 1014 / 013-844 1014

Location : 36, Jalan Damai Raya 2, Alam Damai, 56000 Cheras, Selangor.


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