Saturday, 8 October 2016

Food Review : 3G Food Gallery

Octoberfest is here, lets go enjoy our night in 3G Food Gallery this October with special promotion 

I have visited this 3G Food Gallery twice, the first and 2nd visit because I have purchased the groupon voucher with this great deals : Set meal for 2 people for RM 32 instead of RM 63.20 or set meal for 4 people for RM 60 instead of RM 126.40. Each set meal with a main course, single scoop ice cream and a drink, it is really worth dining here. I have tried their Nestum fish, Fish & chips, Grilled chicken chop & Turkey  bacon carbonara. 

Nestum fish

Today I visit here again to attend blogger food review in 3G Food Gallery, Dataran C180. Thanks Food Ink for the invitation.  3G Food Gallery opened since 1st April 2013. 

3G Food Gallery specializes in western cuisine by serving dishes including grills, chop, snacks, and pasta which they create everything starts from scratch. The owner purchases the fresh ingredients daily from the market, to maintain the food quality.

3G Food Gallery is a cozy, clean and comfortable restaurant where the space can serve up to 60 pax. 

3G stands for Good Quality, Good Food, and Good Service. 

Scents of food are contained within the raw brick exterior of 3G Food Gallery located near Cheras Selatan, where customers sit on plush chairs with low-hanging light fixtures illumination the morsels left after their hearty meals. 

Signature Crispy Luzon Pork Knuckly is the signature dish you should never miss out at 3G Food Gallery. 

The large pork knuckle deep fried till crispy on the outside and fork tender on the inside served with homemade pickled shallot Thai sauce and Thai chili sauce. The size of pork knuckle is bigger than face that only cost RM48.90, best serve for 4 pax.

1.      Crispy Deep Fried Luzon Pork Knuckle – RM48.90

The Golden Fried Crispy Spring Chicken also one of the dish must try when you visit 3G Food Gallery. 
The chicken deep fried till crispy served with chilli sauce and fresh vegetables. The Golden Fried Crispy Spring Chicken only cost RM 18.90. 
2.      Golden Fried Crispy Spring Chicken – RM18.90

       The Signature Wild Mushroom Soup, have an original taste of mushroom, it is not the mushroom soup that ready made in can that we usually buy in supermarket. They used 4 types of mushroom, blend together and made soup originally, the taste of the soup very thick and yummy.
3.      Signature Wild Mushroom Soup – RM9.90
The Tempura Fish Nuggets served with tartar sauce, the meat of the fish very fresh, crispy skin and really delicious than chicken nuggets.
4.      Tempura Fish Nuggets (6pcs) – RM9.90
We have tried 2 types of pasta, the Homemade Pork Meat Ball Bolognese served with the meatball that made by their own, the meat of the meatball very fresh and tender, so delicious.
5.      Homemade Pork Meat Ball Bolognese – RM16.90
The Paste Al' Fungi (non-spicy) taste great, kids love this non spicy dish
6.      Paste Al’ Fungi (spicy / non-spicy) –RM14.90
     The Grilled Salmon served with the special homemade sauce, the salmon and vegetables are very fresh and the mashed potatoes with the sauce made on their own, not ready made products. 
7.      Grilled Salmon With Special Homemade Sauce – RM28.90
The Krap! Krap! Chicken Burger's meat very crispy, served with french fries, and fresh vegetables. 
8.      Krap! Krap! Chicken Burger – RM16.90
Connie's Special Pork Chop, taste great, the meat is so tender and juicy, served with cheese, homemade mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. 
9.      Connie’s Special Pork Chop – RM27.90

The Grilled Lamb Shoulder's meat so tender and juicy, served with black pepper sauce, french fries and fresh vegetables. 

10.  Grilled Lamb Shoulder – RM29.90
The Grilled chicken chop meat, very soft and tender served with mushroom sauce, french fries and fresh vegetables. 
11 . Grilled chicken chop - RM 18.90
12.  Hot Pot (Seafood: RM18; Chicken: RM14; Pork: RM15; Vege: RM12)

a.      Japanese Cheesy Milk
b.      Taiwanese Sha Cha
c.       Chinese Ma La
3G Food Gallery is a perfect place for lunch and dinner, serving Asian and western fusion food at affordable price, here is the Set Meals 

Great news for UTAR students, just show UTAR Student ID  to enjoy 15% discount. I am UTAR student as well, but in UTAR setapak, long long time ago.. .. hehe.... but its ok, I still can enjoy others promotion and set meals at very affordable price. 

If you are looking for private party place where can fit up to 60 guests, here is the good place where you can put into your consideration.

Good news for those who celebrate birthday here also, dine in with a Group of 8 To Get FREE Watermelon Fruit Punch, On, Before Or After 3 Days of your birthday.

A-6-G, Jalan C180/1, Dataran C180, Cheras Selatan, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Call 03-9082 7287

Operation Hours:
Mon - Fri
11:30am - 3pm
6pm - 10:30pm (10pm last call)
Sat - Sun (Public Holiday)
11:30am - 10:30pm (10pm last call)

Visit their page here :
Facebook page:

Food Ink:


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