Thursday, 6 April 2017

The Tokyo Restaurant Bar & Cafe @ The Table 4th Floor Lot 10

Today we being invited to experience the premium dining in The Tokyo Restaurant Bar & Cafe located at The Table 4th Floor Lot 10. 

Guess I having a candlelight dinner with who?

I like the cozy and comfortable ambience of the Restaurant. 

The open kitchen concept is very good, so that customers can watch the chief prepare their food in the best way. 

There is a few different seat selection for customers to choose from. 

Virgin Passion Mojito (RM16)
passion fruit syrup, soda, fresh mint

Oriental Tea Squash (RM 16)
home infused tea syrup, soda, fresh mint
 Wasabi Bomb Salad With Salmon Sashimi (RM 34)
salmon sashimi, wasabi vinaigrette, lime juice, japanese radish, carrot, red onion, chinese greens.

  Sushi Roll Platter (RM 35)
california, unagi eel, salmon ikura, 2pcs each

  Sautéed Salmon With Miso Butter Ginger Sauce (RM45)
Salmon fillet, shimeji mushroom, miso, ginger, butter, leek, mushed potatoes.

 Australian Wagyu beef Steak (RM 100)
Australian wagyu beef, onion sauce, japanese mushroom, ichimi, fried garlic and wasabi on side.

    #6th Avenue Cheese Cake (RM 16)
cheese cake, whipped cream on top

 More details visit their facebook here : 

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