Saturday, 23 September 2017

Food Review : Motorino Sky Avenue Genting Highland

Today I am very happy being invited to have food review in Motorino Sky Avenue Genting Highland. We had our lunch here to try out the Italian pizza at Motorino Pizzeria.

Motorino Pizzeria started in Brooklyn and this is the best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York. Motorino owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino.

Mathieu Palombino
Motorino makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy and they has multiple outlets in New York, two in Hong Kong and Manila, one in Singapore and last December opened the first restaurant in Genting Malaysia.

We are very happy to have opportunity to meet up and interviewed the Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino who is also the owner of this restaurant. 

Mathieu Palombino mentioned that all the pizzas were freshly baked on wood and used the same main ingredients such as tomato paste and olive oil which was imported from Italy..

5 Fun Facts About Neapolitan Pizza

1. Crazy Hot 
Its cook in a special wood-fire oven at 800-900 Fahrenheit

2. Express Pizza 
The small mouth and low dome of the oven gets the pizza cooked in 60-90 seconds

3. Soft and Chewy
Unlikely crispy American pizza crusts, the Neapolitan one is soft and chewy, due to a specific finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives. 

4.Like a Frisbee 
A typical Neapolitan pizza is about 12 inches in diameter. Just nice for one.

5. Balanced trio 
Minimally topped, the Neapolitan strikes a careful balance among crust, sauce and cheese. Forget over-the-top cheesiness.

Roasted Chicken Wings (3pcs)
Member: RM 18 | Non-member: RM 20

Motorino's Meatballs (3pcs)
Member: RM 24 | Non-member: RM 26

The ingredients of Amatriciana pizza including Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Chicken sausage, Scallion, Pecorino, Fresh Chilli
Member : RM 48 | Non-member: RM 53

The ingredients of Pepperoni pizza including Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Beef Pepperoni, E.V. Olive Oil, Fresh Chilli, Sea salt and Pecorino
Member: RM 58 | Non-member: RM 63

The ingredients of  Margherita including Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Basil, E.V. Olive Oil, and Pecorino
Member: RM 43 | Non-member: RM 48

Fresh watermelon Juice
Member : RM 21 / Non-member : RM 24

RaspBerry "Booster" Smooties
Member : RM 21 / Non-member : RM 24

Banana "Pina Colada" Smooties
Member : RM 21 / Non-member : RM 24

Latte Cappucino
Member : RM 15 / Non-member : RM 16

Media & Blogger's group photo at Motorino Pizzeria, Sky Avenue

Motorino Malaysia
Level 1, SkyAvenue,
Resorts World Genting,
69000 Genting Highlands Resort,
Pahang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 11AM –10PM
Phone: 603-6105 9182

Instagram: @motorinomalaysia
Website: Motorino Pizza

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