Thursday, 25 January 2018

Product Review : Jonlivia BlazeTee Plus - Long Sleeve

I have received Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus - Long Sleeve for a review, the product really come on time. I need this Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus so much, because I always sit in air condition office and less sweating. 

The quality of the material is very good and comfortable, my oversize body also can fit in because it is stretchable and fit perfectly into our body. 

With the Fitgrip Technology, Flat lock seams provide a snug fit that never gets loose and keep us flexible while doing workout. 

The Coolventi Technology the airy fabric with build-in ventilation that circulates air freely, with this our body sweating inside but we won't feel so hot. 

There is a Quick pocket that lets me keep my mobile device or small items, this is very suitable for me because I can't left my phone, it will always stay by my side. 

I am wearing Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus Long Sleeve and Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5+ to attend zumba class too, this can help me sweat  more and looks slimmer.

With the NeoHeat Technology, Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus Long Sleeve and Jonlivia Active Hotpants S5+ burn 4 times more calories faster with a high performance inner layer.

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Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus Long Sleeve very suitable for muslimah friend too, stay true to who you are with modesty without compromising on fitness and flexibility. 

Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus Long Sleeve made by High-performance fabric tech, it is durable yet breathable with anti-pilling (clothes won't look worn out) while evaporating moisture quickly.

More details about this Jonlivia Blaze Tee Plus Lon Sleeve  

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