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5 Premium Ingredients
5 Major Skin Beauty Effects 

Powerful & Sophisticated! A new generation of power packed natural and nutritious beauty supplement backed by science.

Innoceutical Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking beauty supplement, CeleBeaute Tx. CeleBeaute Tx  boasts a botanical complex powered by NutroxSun – a breakthrough skin protective active complex  that helps to  providing sun protection from within.  Enhanced with patented rose petal extract, sakura extract, bird nest extract, and acerola extract, CeleBeaute Tx offers the ultimate  solution to nurture fairer, clearer  and healthier skin.

We believe in only producing the highest quality product, with ingredients based on proven science and real clinical trials. The quality, purity, and potency of the ingredients that go into our supplements are our main concern. CeleBeaute Tx  is formulated with the most innovative ingredients available in the market today with clinically validated dosage. This means all active ingredients dosage are exactly what are used in the clinical studies that provides real results. You can be assured that you are getting the best supplements money can buy!

Main Ingredients:

Powerful grapefruit and rosemary extracts to protect skin from within
Nutroxsun is an exclusive combination of rosemary and grapefruit extracts  that protects skin from the damaging effects of sun. Backed by published scientific papers encompassing decades of research, Nutroxsun has been clinically proven to:
Withstand up to 56% more UV exposure without burning.
Increase survival rate of exposed skin cells to about 90% after UV exposure.
Reduces skin redness after UV exposure.
Decrease the number of DNA strand breaks in the cells.
Prevent the formation of ROS (reactive oxygen species) in the cells.

Sakura Extract
The Radiance Miracle Of Japanese Sakura
Sakura is an elegant symbol of Japanese beauty. It is known for its rich anti-oxidant levels and soothing properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, it repairs the skins natural barriers to promote a smooth, supple skin. Sakura is Ideal for a mature complexion, therapeutically regenerative it is anti-aging, whitening, and is an anti-glycation agent which promotes collagen formation in the fibroblasts. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help to lighten uneven pigmentation, due to sun exposure, by inhibiting the production of melanin. It cleanses the skin of toxins to leave a brightened, healthy skin.

Patented Rose Petal Extract
The Whitening Power Of Japanese Roses
Rose has always been the symbol of love and beauty since ancient time. Rose petal is rich in polyphenols that are found to be a powerful whitening agent. Extracted from more than 100,000 rose petals, rose petal extract used in CeleBeaute Tx is proven to reduce the activity of tyrosinase by up to 44%. Tyrosinase is an enzyme that regulates melanin production and controls hyperpigmentation, dark spots and tanning on skin.  Rose petal extract is also found to inhibit melanin production and brighten the skin tone to reveal translucent skin.

Bird Nest Extract
World's finest delicacies, luxurious beauty treasure
Edible bird nest has been known to be a heritage delicacy for many generations. This unusual delicacy has been famed for its nutritional and healing properties. CeleBeaute Tx Bird Nest is produced with a new processing method in Japan to extract its functional components.  The high concentrations of glycoproteins, epidermal growth factors, and amino acids make bird’s nests highly effective in improving the complexion and radiance of the skin.

Acerola Extract 
Nature’s highest source of Vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant for flawless skin
Acerola powder is loaded with vitamin C and its antioxidant power is able to control the overproduction of melanin synthesis at its source. Skin will look brighter and even-looking skin tone, without odd discolorations and blemishes. Pigmentations, such as freckles and age spots, will also lighten up, adhering to your actual skin tone. All these will definitely make skin look healthier and natural.

About Innoceutical Sdn. Bhd. :

Celebeaute is the brainchild of Queenzy Cheng (庄群施), a Malaysian actress and singer. Since 2011, Queenzy has been trying various formulations developed by her friend who is a nutritionist. Whilst on a quest in maintaining youthful appearance and radiant skin, Queenzy has discovered Celebeaute, a series of health supplements that works from within to promote beautiful skin and complexion. Therefore, working in collaboration with various independent research laboratories and industry leaders in ingredients, Innoceutical Sdn Bhd was established to develop a new generation of power packed natural and nutritious food supplements and functional foods based on naturally sourced foods.

The nucleus of Innoceutical is at its state of art world class production facilities which conforms to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All our products must go through rigorous clinical trials, lab tests and certification. We engage independent laboratories which is recognized and certified by the Malaysian government to provide accurate and unbiased test results. Our independent labs are accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 ensuring strict Quality Assurance protocols. All our products comply with the Malaysian Food Act 1983 and Malaysian Food Regulations 1985. All our pharmaceutical products are also registered with the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

CeleBeaute Tx is priced at RM150 per box or RM290 for 2 boxes (RM145/box) or RM540 for 4 boxes (RM135/box).

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