Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A Studio Wedding photo studio

A Studio [The world's first shared wedding photo studio] was founded by Jeff Voon, the chief judge of the internationally renowned photographic competition, the consultant of the wedding photo studio and the most influential photo mentor

A Studio is a wedding photography society. In A Studio, we bring together professionals from all aspects of the wedding photography industry to provide the best service to our customers to achieve a "customer-oriented, service-oriented" shared philosophy.

1. The international photographer - A Studio has a wide range of industry-leading photographers. Photographers have won the top three and major awards in the famous international photography competition.

- Photographers at A Studio provide one-on-one professional wedding photography consultations. Allows customers to choose their own style of photographers, followed by one-on-one consultation to allow customers to understand the wedding photography process and meet the customer's wedding photography requirements.

- Every photographer at A Studio has a unique photographic style: Fine Art, Conceptual, Vogue, Cinematic, and Vintage. Customers can choose their own wedding photography style.

 2. Make-up artist - A Studio has a new generation of makeup team. They have a pair of eyes that are good at observing. They will be able to grasp and update their makeup skills according to the times, and they will be able to accept and fuse the most trendy colors.

- A Studio's makeup artist will provide customers with one-on-one professional advisors, and then tailor their own special shape for customers. There is no best makeup, only the best one is suitable for oneself. This not only requires the makeup artist to have enough patience and experience, but also needs full communication and interaction between the makeup artist and the bride.

- The makeup artist will follow the photographic style chosen by the customers. After the new people choose the style they like, they will communicate with the makeup artist and then cooperate with each other to create a beautiful makeup. A good makeup artist can fully understand what the bride wants and what is the most suitable for the bride herself? The best makeup is not simply to reflect the beauty of the bride, but to reflect the individual beauty, manner and temperament.

- A good makeup artist understands you just like your good friend, and only in this way can you fully display your most beautiful side. 3. Gown - A Studio Inzpire, a partner with thousands of gorgeous dresses, is also the top three wedding dress supplier in Malaysia.

- A Studio has professional wedding consultants to give customers advice, provide customers with professional wedding services, and choose the wedding dress that suits them and wears their own unique taste. Prior to the launch of the shared bridal salon, customers wanted good photographers to shoot for them. After finding a good photographer, they were annoyed with wedding dresses, makeup and floats.

At A Studio, we have wedding photographers walking in the front of the world, the best dress design service in Malaysia, and the latest sharp makeup team for you. A Studio serves high-end service quality and mediocre prices for customers.

For more information kindly visit:

No 2, jalan Mutiara 4, Taman Mutiara Barat Cheras,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur 56000

03-9132 3822

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