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Food Review : SRK Noodle House

In the year 2012, Mr. Wong Tes Siong (Ah Xiang) came to Kuala Lumpur from Miri, Sarawak alone. There, he met Chan Kam Wai (Mr. Wai), a friend and now a business partner as well.

Ah Xiang missed eating authentic Sarawak food, but he failed to find decent substitutes in KL and Selangor. And so, he decided to start his own little business, with the idea of introducing the famous Kampua noodles and Sarawak laksa to the people of KL and Selangor. With the help of Mr. Wai and Ah Xiang’s apprentice Soh Siew Chin (Ah Chin), he started a stall in a coffee shop in Puchong. They worked very hard but the business was faltering. Ah Xiang felt disappointed.

With his mother’s encouragement, Ah Xiang decided to introduce Kampua noodles to people by providing free samples. This resulted in more and more people learning about the delicacy that is theKampua noodles of Sarawak, and the business started to prosper.

Ah Xiang received many good reviews and encouragements from his friends and customers. In 2014, he started his first outlet named “SRK Noodle House” with his godmother’s Liew Yun Mei help. The shop is located in SS15, Subang Jaya. This allowed him to add other Sarawak specialties into the menu.

He worked hard, prepared all the ingredients by himself and always used the best ingredients he could find.With his enthusiasm and effort, Ah Xiang managed to open 4 other branches. There are also plans to open up more branches in other areas. Ah Xiang hopes that the Sarawakians would feel at home when they get to taste authentic Sarawak specialties in “SRK Noodle House”. And for the locals, he hopes to introduce Sarawak delicacies to them.

Bian Bian Hu RM 11.45

Char Siu RM7.40 (R) RM 13.80 (L)

Sarawak Gui Chap RM 9.00 (R) RM 10.05 (L)

Special Tea RM 1.35

Sarawak Kampua Mee RM 8.25 (R) RM 9.35 (L)

Kampua noodles were invented by the Foochow people. The noodle is familiar to many Sarawakians. Kampua noodles are generally made using fresh ingredients such as eggs, flour and salt. There is no articicial flavoring and aginomoto added in process of producing the noodles.
                                   Cha Siew Sauce Kampua Mee RM 8.25 (R) RM 9.35 (L)

Prepared only with the finest and freshest ingredients from Sarawak, the Sarawak Laksa dish features a rich smell which is bound to stimulate one's appetite. The locals generally enjoy this special with dashes of lime juice and the infamous Bintulu Belacan which is mixed in and stirred creating an unforgettable sourly and spicy taste. 
 Sarawak Laksa (Kampua Mee) RM 10.40 (R) RM 11.45 (L)

Three Sour Ice RM 4.15

Features stir-fried yellow noodles mixed with dark soy sauce. The dish is prepared by braising it in chicken broth. Fresh vegetables and seasoning are added for garnishing.
Fried Cooked Noodles RM 9.35

Tomato sauce and seafood gravy are added to the fried kuay teow or noodles, which creates a delectable fare.
 Tomato Kuay Teow RM 10.40

Sharp-shaped "katuk" or sweet leaf is choosen especially for this dish. Paired with small shrimp from Bintulu, the dish offers a delightful taste of freshness that will leave you fulfilled other tasting such as delectable fare. 
 Special Mee Hoon RM 11.45

Luncheon meat, roast pork and Lap Cheong are common ingredients to be seen in many households. Back then, mothers who are busy at work and chores would whip up a simple but fulfilling dish for their child using these ingredients. Founder CK Wong finds this dish a comfort food that brings back the distant but sweet memories of childhood. He believes that happiness lies in contentment.
 SRK Special Fried Rice RM 11.20

Blackcurrant RM 4.15

While Peninsular Malaysian maybe familiar with the dish "Wanton". "Bien Nuik" is the foochow equivalent of the dish. The dish features fresh minced pork wrapped in freshly made homemade dough which is free from soda water. A sweet taste of freshness is promised. 
                                                    Bien Nuik  RM 8.25 (R) RM 9.35 (L)

Thai Tom Yam Fried Rice RM 10.80

Dry Fried Hor Fun RM 9.35

Thanks SRK for the RM 50 voucher for attend the food review 

For more details visit 

NO. 84, JALAN SS15/4B
Subang Jaya
Call 03-5611 9516

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