Monday, 27 February 2017

Product Review : Jonlivia™ Active Hotpants S5+

Jonlivia™ Active Hotpants S5+

Jonlivia Hotpants S5+ is a truly distinctive pair of hotpants where there is plenty of exciting addition for the features on the hotpants. My son like to wear the hotpants to attend the wushu class.

100% genuine Neoprene Made
The reason why Hotpants work so well is due to the material that makes it, which is called Neoprene, we call it "Heatprene" because this piece of material helps to best control your body heat while you are exercising, or just performing even a brisk walk, and uses that to burn even more calories and excessive water retention in the body than you usually would.

Since the previous revolution, Jonlivia have been getting Neoprene material from taiwan, and specifically ask to use complete genuine soft neoprene and bring the whole production line to China while using only soft genuine Neoprene. Hotpants are the apparel that are worn covering human skin for a quite a long time, it is important that our customers get the best and genuine material.
Super absorbent Jonlivia Hotpants S5+ And The 1st only Airy Fabric built-in in Malaysia
Now, having that little sauna session on your body is going to force alot of sweat out of your body, so the another speciality of our Hotpants is also that it is super absorbent! So allowing wearer to burn and sweat and have those sweat reabsorbed into the pants themselves.

They also develop these special "quite" jersey panels on the inner leg for extra comfort. So you can definitely see that Jonlivia S5+ is made for comfort and hygiene as well.

Back Pocket with ZIP(NEW)
Our zipped back pocket provides a safe space to put your valuables when out and about. You can store keys, cash, handphones(depending on model) inside.

Softest and Most stretchable Hotpants
When we make our Jonlivia S5+, we also have alot of what our customers do in mind.
The activities they will be wearing the hotpants for such as yoga, dance, gym, zumba demands complicated movement of the legs, our S5+ allows them to do just about anything without restriction, even a split.

High-rise Design
Our Brand new Jonlivia™ Active Hotpants S5+ has just been upgraded to whole new level and you can now wear it up even until your high-waist level. Now the tummy is not spared too from this while Body perfecting process!

Flat lock seams
Since the previous few revolutions, we have had these flat lock seams built to ensure the extra durability of our Hotpants S5+, and customers have absolutely loved it.

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