Sunday, 15 January 2017

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster with DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper

With Chinese New Year around the corner, tradition dictates that people gift friends and family with hampers to show their appreciation for one another. This year, DKING, a premium durian product brand, introduces its CNY Durian Goodies Hamper products at its launch today with Ms Chipao Malaysia, to help you express good wishes to friends, family and other close associates.

"As it is a regular tradition, people often receive similar items, with staples including wine, confectionary, biscuits and health products such as ginseng, bird’s nest and abalone. To shake things up and make receiving hampers more exciting, we came up with the first-of-its-kind CNY Durian Goodies Hamper to bring a good start to the new year," shares Simon, founder of DKING. "We hope to deliver this extraordinary fruit and other durian downstream products for the year of the rooster. Our fresh durians are delivered daily from the orchard. ”

The DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper is currently available at a promotional price of RM438 (original price RM488). The hamper comes with a 1.8kg Musang King (actual fruit), 750ml Organic Mangosteen Juice, Golden Durian Pie, Freeze Dried D24, Durian White Coffee, Durian Truffle, Durian Praline, Durian Wafer, and Durian Dodol. “Our innovative products are passionately crafted to ensure high quality, bringing forth the durian's exotic taste,” shares Simon.

The DKING CNY Durian Goodies Hamper is specially designed in a manner where the Musang King can be easily removed without unwrapping the rest of the hamper, so durian lovers can enjoy it immediately.  Surely, this will be a unique gift for your family and friends that they will remember for a long time.

 To order, whatsapp Ms Julie at 017-326 6698 with the format <Name> <Address> <Date of Delivery> or like their Facebook page at or visit the DKING website at DKING offers free delivery within the Klang Valley. Order before 23 January and DKING will deliver the hamper to the address given on your preferred date.

About Duricious Sdn Bhd
Duricious Sdn Bhd began early of 2011 as a durian food specialist, with the aim of penetrating the international market with a famous Malaysian product –the king of fruits, durian. Meticulously crafted using top quality fruits, the company’s products, which ranges from durian mochi, durian pancake, durian rice ball, as well as seasonal items such as mooncakes, are exported to Hong Kong and China. Based in the Melaka Halal Hub, raw materials such as durian paste and pulp are extracted from selected fresh D24 and Musang King Durian from well-managed orchards from Pahang and Johor. Using the latest frozen technology Instant Quick Freezing(IQF), which can blast liquid nitrogen gas on the product to freeze it to under -18 Celsius within 30 minutes, leading to fresh products which can be shipped without losing their taste and texture.

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