Thursday, 5 January 2017

Food Review : Crab Generation Kepong Branch

I am a seafood lover, when received invitation to have a food review in Crab Generation, of course I will attend no matter how far it is. Don't worry Crab Generation have a lot branches. 

Today we visit Kepong branch, wow Ho chiak have visited here too, I believe the Crab here should be very fresh and delicious. 

During chinese new year, we love to have Salmon Yee Sang, the salmon meat here very fresh and juicy.
Fresh Salmon Yee Sang

Pattaya Pork Knuckles

I am a durian lover, this is my first tried eat Musang King Durian Crab, the taste very delicious. The crab very big and fresh. I like to dip the bread in the durian sauce, super yummy. This dish is made using 100 % Authentic Musang King durian flesh.

Musang King Durian Crab

When eating durian crab, the best way to avoid heat, we choosen fresh coconut, this is the perfect combination.

More details visit their facebook page here : 

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