Wednesday, 4 January 2017


When it comes to the evolution of traditional clothes, what can it tell us about a nation or a certain country? For a very long time in China, fashion has remained closely connected with religious ideas, politic and economic which dominated each dynasty.
However today we can enjoy choosing clothes, and even accessories, according to our very own taste and fashion style. Have you imagined living in a society where wearing the wrong kind of cheongsam could result in execution? Well those days have long forgotten and now the modern era unveils the secrets behind the history of the evolution of cheongsam.

The original cheongsam would never be called elegant. It was wide, loose and inconsiderably baggy. The traditional one-piece dress concealed most of one’s body and revealed only head, hand and toes of a woman. However not until the establishment of the Republic of China in 1911-1949 when they had more freedom to choose something out of their own taste and fashion style. They even had the chance to try other western costumes that they were once denied to wear.

I love the demure and feminine cheongsam style from the 1920s-1940s. 
After they longed for exclusiveness and variety somewhere around 1920, they saw the traditional cheongsam for women undergo a series of transformation with distinct stages. It was then tailored to fit femininely and became more revealing, like the ones you can see nowadays.

This elegant traditional dress has garnered
tremendous popularity all over China and around the world and eventually become as one of the most popular modern dresses among urban women. Modern cheongsam fits the urban lifestyle and comes with a touch of more stylish and fresher designs. It is the one dress that you might want to add up to your wardrobe that can be worn flawlessly to enhance your outfit to look trendier and polished! 

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